Jan 1, 1970
Critical Support during COVID-19 Pandemic

Mankind, as a whole, is going through a very critical phase, the likes of which has not been seen in recent memory. The catastrophic corona virus has wreaked havoc across the planet. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is of a scale most people alive today have never seen. Communities across the globe are rising to the challenge – from health workers risking their lives to fight the virus, to young people deploying innovative ways to share public health messages. And in many places, it has come at the expense of the most vulnerable youths.

When we talk about care leavers in this situation, the condition is even precarious for most of them having been losing jobs, or the employer is not releasing salaries, no shelter to live or even arranging for 3 square meals a day was a difficult thing to do. To assess the conditions of such young care leavers, Odisha Care Leavers Association in collaboration with YCDA conducted a rapid assessment test taking 100 care leavers from across Odisha who are living in the state and outside the state.

The report revealed shocking truths! Over 50% of the youth faced food crisis and 35% were unemployed, out of which over 20% were stranded in other states having no money to pay the rent or travel back to Odisha.

Our intervention started with providing emergency cash support to them towards house rent, food and emergency travel through YCDA’S support. We contacted the youths who wished to return back to their families and booked their travel tickets and enrolled them in the COVID portal of the Govt of Odisha.