Who we are

We are the "young adults" having left the Child Care Institutions (so called Orphanages), Foster care and other care arrangements and preparing our self to enter into adulthood all by ourselves after attaining 18 years of age.

Since we all are likely to be among those most affected by its longer-term impact as we already face significant challenges accessing educational and livelihood opportunities and widespread marginalization and stigmatization.

Our Vision

We aim to help build a care system that promotes recovery and healing from past harm, by prioritising stability, emotional wellbeing and long-term support for transition into adulthood and we seek to work with the Government and Civil Society Organizations to develop a holistic plan to make this happen.

Our Mission

Mission is to amplify our voices and attract the attention of decision makers to act upon our demands through better policies and practices paving our rights to a world of equals! Trialling of Staying Close is crucial to supporting care leavers at this important time, providing the stability and security that other young people expect to receive.


  • Direct action: Work with care leavers living in different care settings like Child care Institutions, Foster care, Kinship care etc. and ensuring direct services as required.
  • Solidarity building: Facilitate to become a member in the larger Care leavers Network and knowing that we have someone who understands us and facilitates peer-to-peer support system.
  • Lobby and policy influencing: Work closely with various child protection systems in the State/Country in translating policies into action and be voice for bringing appropriate schemes and programmes to support care leavers.