Our Activities

Life skill Development

Youth like us usually face challenges in facing the world independently and often get exploited. The shift from a cocooned life we led in the CCI, we lack in skills dealing with the day to day life happenings. When we talk about life as a human being, skills are quintessential. By learning new skills, we increase our understanding of the world around us and equip ourselves with the tools we need to live a more productive and fulfilling life, finding ways to cope with the challenges that life, inevitably, throws at us. The OCLA provides life-skill based comprehensive sexuality education to every care leaver who leaves any care arrangement and comes under our folder.


We have high aspirations for life, but limited scope and resources have forced us to drop out and take up a job which we never wished for. With growing responsibilities perusing education becomes a dream. The OCLA facilitates higher education assessing the career interest and abilities and mentors for what is best for them.

Job placements

When we graduate from a alternative care facility, without a mentor guiding us what to do and what not to, we are often lost. We land in doing a job which we are not ready for. Every member of the Odisha Care leavers’ association who is looking for a job and is under the age of 25yrs of age is facilitated with a job. We also support youth who are looking for a career change based on their interest and abilities.


The Care Leavers’ Association runs 3 nos. of Aftercare home in strategic locations in the state of Odisha which is basically a transit shelter arrangement. The transit from the CCI to an independent life has a little gap when the child leaves the CCI and starts to live independently. The homes are well furnished and the youth who comes to stay there are provided with Life skill education, and are encouraged to live on their own.

Psychosocial Care & Support

Children don’t come to live in the Childcare Institutions in normal conditions. They are often victims of abuse or some unfortunate event and have gone through a disturbed childhood. In such circumstances, we notice the career and life options are often disrupted. The Odisha Care Leavers Association continuously extends their support to cater their psychosocial needs through empanelled professional counsellors.

Our Big Dreams

Build Solidarity
Strengthen Outreach
Facilitate Social Security Schemes
Setting up group living homes in strategic locations across Odisha
Support for Education & Facilitate Jobs
Encourage Entrepreneurship
Provide Legal Aid
Social Reintegration